Chancellor’s Message

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful.

IUM is a pledge of the current government that was a long awaited beacon of hope of Maldivians which came true, when HEP Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom ratified the bill, to establish IUM on 9th July 2015. Since then, numerous efforts collectively have been made to develop a comprehensive Islamic University on most modern lines with hardware and software transformations. IUM does not only offer education in traditional fields, but offers quality and accessible higher education producing graduates that are marketable.

Today, we witness before our eyes, rapid and unprecedented development of our beloved nation. Naturally, as with any such rapid advancement, it also presents with itself, certain and complex new challenges. Quality education is the cornerstone of any healthy society. No development is complete nor honed without the development of minds. Our conviction is to embrace and resolve challenges by sowing seeds of knowledge to harness the full potential of society. It is our fundamental duty to seek knowledge and support those in pursuit.

IUM is not just an academic entity, but a vessel that moulds the character of next generation. Islamization of knowledge is an integral part of IUM’s mission in disseminating knowledge. Maldivinization of knowledge in a shariah compliant manner is a key component of IUM’s unique methodology of enhancing the scope of life learning knowledge acquiring skills.

The efforts of our diligent staff are aimed at developing and modernizing a college as a university of a new type in Maldives with world-class shariah-based innovations and technology. IUM does its best so that the students can receive a top class professional education and live a life full of motivating and significant events.

Our target is to broaden the horizon of knowledge across Maldives and in South Asia. We are steadfast in achieving unparalleled success. May Allah Almighty bless us in our endeavor to produce intellectual and respectful citizens who undertakes responsibility to serve Ummah. I hope you will find the information available in this website useful, informative and helpful. IUM is one family and as a family, we will strive to achieve success with hard work and dedication, In Sha Allah.