Core Values of IUM

Guided by the vision, mission and timeless Islamic philosophy enshrined in the first five verses of Quran, the following set of enduring values form the foundation upon which IUM builds its activities and practices. All staff members of IUM are expected to demonstrate these values in all their interactions and practices with its customers and stakeholders including students, parents, staff, alumni, employers of its graduates and the general public at all times.
IUM values are deeply instilled and reflected in all its practices and embody the following seven elements of:

Commitment to the Nation and Ummah

In all its activities IUM will demonstrate its unwavering commitment to nation building and cause to the Ummah.


Education at IUM is imbued with iman (faith), ihsan (good conduct) and taqwa (piety). IUM lecturers shall act as murabbi (educator) for their students.


IUM shall embrace and promote fairness among all its members.

Brotherhood / Collegiality

All staff and students will work together, emphasizing teamwork, collaboration, and lifelong learning.

Quality and Excellence

The IUM is fully aware of the importance of quality and excellence in an Islamic perspective in all academic and personal pursuits. We will strive to instill and inspire a culture of excellence and commit to high quality of Islamic education.


The whole IUM community will carry out their duties, responsibilities and fulfill all other obligations by upholding the highest standards of honesty, ethics and trustworthiness.


Every staff and student will have a sense of self-discipline and personal responsibility for their accomplishments and will finally be accountable to Allah (SWT) for their deeds.