IUM Logo

The logo of Islamic University of Maldives (IUM) includes several key symbols representative of and drawing inspiration from the Maldivian history, traditions and our religion; Islam. The central element of the logo is an open book symbolizing the Qur’an. It is indicative of the fact that the basis of all knowledge and true enlightenment comes from the Qur’an. The Qur’an also encourages the pursuit of knowledge.

The symbol of Qur’an is encompassed in a circle representing the Minaret, a key Islamic landmark in Maldives and an important symbol of Maldivian Islamic national identity. The circle representing the Minaret is indicative of continuity of human civilization and Islamic Ummah.

The intertwined rope represents Maldivian workmanship and is symbolic of national unity, strength and confluence.

The Islamic star is symbolic of Islamic faith, identity and enlightenment.

The logo of IUM embodies both national and Islamic identities. Therefore the coloring in the logo represents green color; one of the three colors in the Maldivian flag and gold symbolizing the importance of knowledge, quality and excellence.

The four key elements; the Qur’an, circle, rope and the Islamic star form the core element representing the most visual identity of the Islamic University of Maldives. It is an embodiment of the University’s mission to nurture Islamic values, disseminate knowledge in all areas, sustain commitment to national service and aim for excellence.