Legal Status & Authorities

Legal Status

  1. The Islamic University of the Maldives is a government entity.
  2. As specified in this Law, the University has the right to suing or be sued; taking, purchasing or otherwise acquiring and holding movable and immovable property legally, and the right to carry out various transactions in its own name, and the right to its own seal.
  3. The seal of the University shall be protected, looked after and used under the guidelines set forth by the Senate.
  4. The President of the University’s Senate shall be answerable to the Parliament in all issues related to the University.

Legal Authorities

The University is invested with the following powers under this Act.

(a) The University has the power and discretion to carry out any activity within the bounds of Islamic Shariah and Maldivian law in achieving the aims of the University.

(b)The following and other similar powers are inclusive in the powers in (a) of this article.

  1. Buying, leasing or acquiring goods in any manner, and selling, renting or disposing of goods in any manner;
  2. Developing educational or scientific knowledge or research or inventions on a commercial basis; and developing or translating books and research on Islamic culture and knowledge, in order to publish or develop such material commercially;
  3. Charging a monetary price or charging in some other way for activities, services or the dissemination of information to others by the University;
  4. Registering wholly-owned companies or registering companies with other entities in order to achieve the aims of the University;
  5. Acquiring and disposing of securities;
  6. Forming academic partnerships;
  7. Participating in business and other profitable ventures that will aid in the achievement of the aims of the University;
  8. Making agreements;
  9. Constructing buildings;
  10. Using and controlling the goods, property and buildings that are in possession of the University;
  11. Hiring and firing employees as required by the University;
  12. Utilizing the funds of the University to start or terminate businesses;
  13. Conducting academic and scientific research;
  14. Extending grants or loans to students;
  15. Granting scholarships and fellowships;
  16. Obtaining research grants and channeling them to the rightful recipients;
  17. Accepting gifts, concessions and endowments;
  18. Preserving goods bequeathed to the University;
  19. Carrying out any activity that the University has the legal right to, under this Act or any other Act;
  20. Carrying out activities that the University is empowered with.