Objectives & Responsibilities


  1. To establish a university in the Maldives that will deliver Islamic higher education, and to establish the procedures and guidelines for its operation.
  2. To develop Maldivian citizens who have received the necessary education and training to be civilised, responsible, unified and united, in order to contribute to the protection and maintenance of, and to national development and awareness of, the Maldivian Islamic education and culture within the boundaries of religious unity and unity of the nation.
  3. To strive to work within an Islamic perspective in order to reach a developed status and to maintain it for the citizens and the nation.
  4. To pursue ways in which to advance and develop in Islamic science and other disciplines.
  5. To work towards developing creative and capable graduates of the University who will work towards building the nation and the Islamic community.


The responsibilities of the University are specified below;

  1. Increasing and extending knowledge and skills in general, and specifically Islamic knowledge, research and culture;
  2. Providing knowledge and skills in general, as well as higher education and training needed for the Maldives, in all areas of Islamic education;
  3. Conducting academic research and disseminating this research for the benefit of the Maldivian community as well as the international community;
  4. Conferring the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees and certificates, and other awards, for the training and educational programmes of the University;
  5. Establishing relations with educational institutions in the Maldives and abroad for mutual benefit;
  6. Developing its existing resources and acquiring further resources to achieve the aims of the University;
  7. Distributing the resources of the University fairly between all the centres of the University to achieve effectiveness;
  8. Developing and furthering Islamic and Maldivian history, traditions and social mores;
  9. Carrying out any activity within the bounds of Islamic Shariah and Maldivian law in order to carry out the responsibilities above.