Step 1:

Courses offered for the new semester will be announced via university website and gazette. Course announcement will also be displayed on the university noticeboard.

Step 2:

Interested candidates will need to fill out the course application form and submit attested copies of certificates and other relevant documents to the university reception before the deadline.

Step 3:

All application forms will be entered to the university management system upon submission.

Step 4:

Applicants who are eligible in accordance to the entry criteria are selected for the courses.

Step 5:

If the number of applicants exceed the number of slots for the courses, then they are to be selected based on merit. (The applicants with the highest GPAs)

Step 6:

Applicants selected for the courses are notified via SMS and offer letters are sent via email, or it can also be collected from the students’ affairs of IUM.

Step 7:

SMS will be sent to applicants to come for registration.

Step 8:

Orientation will be held for students who have registered, before commencement of classes.