Associate Degree in Shari’ah and Law

  • Completion of Key Stage 5 (Grade 12) of the Maldives National Curriculum Framework with a minimum of 2 subjects with “passing grades” in nationally recognized Higher Secondary School Examinations (Passing grades at this level are E grade or above in GCE A level, and C grade or above in HSSC
  • Shahaadhaa Saanaviyya, and International Baccalaureate from a recognized institute are considered as equivalent to Higher Secondary Education).
  • MNQF level 4 qualification in a related field.
  • C grade or above in GCE or IGCSE O level English,
  • IELTS score 6.0,
  • A pass in English Competency Test of IUM or equivalent.
    (If a student has completed his/her pervious qualification(s) in English medium, the student will be given exemption from English language requirement.)
  • Values and Ethics for a Practical Life
  • Critical Thinking and its Methodology
  • Islamic View of Knowledge and Civilization
  • Academic and Legal Dhivehi
  • Maldivian Legal System
  • Law of Contract I
  • Law of Tort I
  • Constitutional Law
  • History of Islamic Legal System
  • Law of Contract II
  • Law of Tort II
  • Legal Skills and Research Methodology
  • Administrative Law
  • Criminal Law I
  • Islamic Criminal Law I
  • Islamic Law of Transactions I
  • Islamic Family Law
  • Criminal Law II
  • Islamic Criminal Law II
  • Islamic Law of Transactions II
  • Law of Succession
  • Quran Level 1
  • Quran Level 2
  • Quran Level 3
  • Arabic Language Level 1
  • Arabic Language Level 2
  • Arabic Language Level 3
  • Arabic Language Level 4