Diploma in Local Governance and Imamship

  • Completion of Key Stage 4 (Grade 10) of the Maldives National Curriculum Framework with a minimum of 3 subjects with “passing grades” in nationally recognized Secondary School Examinations (Passing grades at this level are C grade or above in GCE O level, IGCSE O level, or SSC).
  • MNQF level 3 qualification in a related field.
  • 18 years of age and 1 year work experience and ability to communicate in the language of instruction.
  • Values and Ethics for a Practical Life
  • Quran Level 1
  • Dhivehi Language
  • Introduction to Shari’ah
  • Introduction to Sustainable Community Development
  • ICT Skills
  • Fundamentals of Understanding Quran and Sunnah
  • Arabic Language Level 1
  • Introduction to Local Governance
  • General English Proficiency
  • Mosque Management and Dawa in Contemporary Society
  • Quran Level 2
  • Introduction to Leadership and Strategic Planning
  • Islamic Faith 1
  • Resource Management and Good Governance
  • Quran Level 3
  • Arabic Language Level 2
  • Fiqh of Worship 1
  • Studies of Selected Laws of Maldives
  • Imaam Practice