Master of Islamic Judicial Sciences and Shari’ah Policy

Session: Evening
Campus: Male’
Language of Instruction:
Students may chose between the 2 mediums of instruction, Dhivehi or Arabic

Session: Weekends (Blended Mode)
Male’, L. Fonadhoo, Gn. Fuvahmulah
Language of Instruction:

  • Bachelor’s Degree at MNQF level 7 in a related field.
  • Graduate Diploma or Postgraduate Diploma at MNQF level 8 in a related field.
  • Shahadhaa Sanaviyya pass in all Arabic language modules,
  • MNQF Level 4 or above qualification in Arabic language,
  • A pass in Arabic Competency Test of IUM or equivalent.
  • (If a student has completed his/her pervious qualification(s) in Arabic medium, the student will be given exemption from Arabic language requirement.)
  • Mode 1: Coursework
    IUM core module, research methodology module, and 8 specialization modules
    Total Course Fee: MVR 38,295
  • Mode 2: Coursework and Research 
    IUM core module, research methodology module, 5 specialization modules and a dissertation
    Total Course Fee: MVR 42,180
  • Mode 3: Research  (Not offered in July 2019)
    IUM core module, research methodology module and a thesis
    Total Course Fee: MVR 38,655

(Students are required to take any one)

  • Tawhid, Humanity and Civilization
  • Innovative Thinking in Islamic Perspective
  • Research Methodology in Islamic Law
  • Islamic Shari’ah Policy
  • Juristic Study of Judiciary
  • Theory of Objectives of Shari’ah
  • Theory of Islamic Law of Evidence
  • Conflicts and Preferences on Shari’ah Issues
  • Issues of Codification in Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Administrative, Economic, and Financial System in Islam
  • Studies in Comparative Fiqh
  • Studies of Islamic Law of Transactions
  • Studies of Islamic Family Law
  • Studies of Maldivian Judicial System
  • Islamic Criminal Law
  • Dissertation