Students’ Union of IUM

Message from the President

Abdul Moomin
President of IUM Students’ Union

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

اسمي عبدالمؤمن ولي الشرف أن أكون رئيس اتحاد الطلاب بجامعة المالديف الإسلامية، يعمل اتحاد الطلاب بجد واجتهاد من أجل الترتيب لعدة أحداث عديدة ترتبط بمصلحة الطالب بطرق مختلفة، باختصار يقوم اتحاد الطلاب بالجامعة بعمله كحلقة وصل بين الطلاب وإدارة الجامعة ومن خلال إدارة اتحاد الطلاب بالجامعة الإسلامية فإنه يفخر بأصدقائه الذين أقاموا روابط وعلاقات قوية تستمر مدى الحياة.

لقد قابلنا عددا من الطلبة المتميزيين من خلال الأنشطة التعاونية التي قد شهدت مواهب حقيقية من طلاب مختلفين، لذلك وضعنا في الاعتبار أن مسؤوليتنا الأساسية مساعدة هؤلاء الطلاب الموهوبين ليصعدوا إلى المنصات الكبرى ، ومساعدتهم في تنمية وتطوير الإبداع في داخلهم وأنه لمن دواعي سرور اتحاد الطلاب بجامعة المالديف الإسلامية والعاملين فيه أن يكرسوا هذه الخدمات لمصلحة جميع الطلبة، وسوف نجعل صوتك يصل إلى كل مكان ونفعل أقصى ما لدينا لنكسب الثقة والاحترام من أجل الجامعة في الوقت الحاضر والمستقبل.

آملين أن يكون عاما دراسيا مميزا

Assalama Alaykum Warahmathullahi Wabarakaathuh, my name is Abdul Moomin and I am honored to be the President of Students’ Union of Islamic University of Maldives.

Student Union works diligently to coordinate numerous events which engage the student body in various ways. In Short, IUMSU serves as a bridge between the students and University’s administration.

Throughout my administration at IUMSU, I, along with my fellow students, have created bonds which will last a lifetime. I have met amazing people through various co-curricular activities and have witnessed stunning talents from different students. By considering this, I believe it is my core responsibility to help those talented students to come out to a bigger platform and assist them in developing the creativity in themselves.

It is vital for the executive board of the IUMSU to be advocates for the other members of the Union. We will “make your voice count” and “cater our best to the students to gain their trust and respect for the University, for the present and future.”`

I look forward to a new and exciting academic year. Without a doubt, this year will be one to remember!

First look at IUMSU

Student Union of IUM (IUMSU) is the student body representative of Islamic University of Maldives. IUMSU helps to build and shape the students’ community within IUM, helping to reach the students’ voices and create a welcoming atmosphere within the university as the students’ pleases. IUMSU is elected annually by votes of IUM students to represent the university at internal and external affairs, on behalf of all the students’ of IUM. IUMSU run campaigns, attend meetings and conferences in various levels of the university to ensure the views of all students are heard.

IUMSU will be doing their best to provide as many opportunities as possible to participate in the activities conducted within the university and in the inter-university activities, during your time at the university.

All students are welcome to present suggestions and ideas that would help the welfare of the university; if agreed by majority students, IUMSU will work to make the ideas a reality.

Mission of IUMSU

“Make your voice count”

Vision of IUMSU

“To cater our best to the students to gain their trust and Respect for the university, for the present and for the Future.”