Centre For Research and Publications

Overview & Academics


Dheeba Moosa

Email: dheeba.moosa@ium.edu.mv

Administraive Officer

Mariyam Shifa

email: mariyam.shifa@ium.edu.mv

Research is an integral part of academia and a vehicle for disseminating knowledge. Center for Research and Publication in Islamic University of Maldives (IUM) prioritizes provision of knowledge to the Maldivian community especially based on top quality research into religious and social issues. The University also gives utmost importance to developing a research culture, preparing a generation of future researchers within the University and in the Maldivian community at large. Therefore, the main purpose of the Center for Research and Publication (CRP) is to facilitate research through staff engagement and training and by this means, disseminate knowledge to the wider community.


To be a leading research unit dedicated to advancing and facilitating academic, social and religious research and knowledge.


The Center for Research and Publication is committed to promoting high quality research and publications aligned with the world best practices and contribute to Maldivian society through dissemination of knowledge.


One of the key functions of CRP is to establish a research culture. CRP organizes many activities with the staff and students to promote this basic function. These activities are designed to align with CRP’s mission statement:

“Providing necessary support for staff, providing incentives to encourage undertaking research by staff and generating interest in research through research forums, lectures, seminars, conferences and workshops”

Research Seminars
The research seminars are part of the CRP initiative to familiarize and encourage IUM lecturers to engage in academic research.

Research Seminar 1: Research Skills for Beginners facilitated by Dr. Dheeba Moosa

Research Seminar 2: Essentials of Qualitative Research facilitated by Dr. Mohamed Shoughee

Research Seminar 3: Essentials of Quantitative Research facilitated by Dr. Raheema Abdul Raheem

Research Symposium Project on Thought and Epistemology
18-21st August 2016

Research Symposium on Thought and Epistemology, in collaboration with International Institute of Islamic Thought, IIIT (a global institution dedicated to reform of education in Islam). The Symposium was held in Bandos Maldives from 18th to 21st August 2016.

International Conference on Islamic Awakening: Towards Diverse but Unified Societies
10-20th November 2016

International Conference on Islamic Awakening (ICIA2016): towards diverse but unified societies was held from 19th November to 20th November in Islamic University of Maldives (IUM).

Research Grant and Funding

Center for Research and Publication’s key strategy to facilitate, promote and to encourage staff to engage in research activities include provision of research grants and other incentives.

IUM Research Promotion Scheme
(for staff only)

PG Research Grant Scheme
(for PGR students only)

National/ International conference funding scheme
(for staff and PGR students)

Funding for publications