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Research in Education

Title: Tablets for schools: Teachers’ practices and experiences with digital technologies in the Maldivian Schools

In 2018, the Ministry of Education (MOE), Maldives decided to digitalise all schools of the country. The MOE invested a large amount of money approximately, USD 8.9 million on buying 70,000 tablets for schools. However, there is limited research conducted regarding how digital tools (tablets) would be integrated in the school system of the Maldives. Neither, teacher’s confidence in using tablets for teaching nor their familiarity with using tablets for their student learning was explored in the Maldivian context. The literature around the use of digital technologies and classroom teaching often argues that it has failed to bring change to teachers’ traditional teaching in many contexts. More specifically, the international literature discusses the challenges of integrating digital technology into traditional education systems, where certain cultural or approach to teaching is established. The Maldivian school literature raises concerns regarding the traditional or examination-oriented teaching, which is deep-rooted in the Maldivian classrooms. This research aims to investigate how teachers use tablets for their classroom teaching and how that would impact on improving student learning.

Research leaders

Dr. Dheeba Moosa (IUM)
Dr. Aishath Reesha (IUM)
Dr. Aminath Shafiya (MNU)
Ms. Aniyath Ali (NIE)

Research in Social Sciences

Title: A National Survey on Religious views and Attitudes among Higher Secondary School and University Students in Maldives

This research study is placed within the context of faith related issues especially amongst the young people in the Maldives that has recently led to incidents involving extremism and violence in the country. Hence understanding young peoples’ views and their attitudes regarding religion will be a cautionary step towards addressing this issue. This research, therefore, aims to find out what young people in higher secondary schools and universities of Maldives think about religion in order to gauge if they harbour moderate, radicalised or secular perspectives. The research will also provide data about the reasons behind young peoples’ respective faith related inclinations.

Research leaders

Dr. Dheeba Moosa (IUM)
Dr. Ibrahim Zakariyya Moosa (IUM)
Dr. Aishath Reesha (IUM)

Completed Projects

Title: A Comprehensive Housing Market Study

This study was funded by Housing Development Corporation (HDC). The project was awarded as a joint venture to IUM and MNU. A team from both universities worked to complete the project in 2018.