General Guidelines for IUM Grants and Funding Schemes

The budget of Islamic University of Maldives (IUM) provides for assistance to full time staff and students for collaborative and individual and interdisciplinary research and professional development through IUM Research Promotion Scheme (IRPS). This scheme is set up to provide support for a wide range of activities provided that these activities support the purpose as stated below.

The purpose of IRPS scheme is to support the development of research in IUM and in so doing enhance the research profile of the university and staff and to enable the university to realize one of its key goals, that of disseminating knowledge that is relevant and useful for the wider Maldivian community.

The guidelines herein are applicable to all research grants and funding under the management of IUM, Center for Research and Publication (CRP).

Role of Center for Research and Publication (CRP)

The role of Center for Research and Publication is to recommend allocation of funds for the year, define criteria, evaluate proposals and recommend research to be supported, manage and monitor progress of all the research grants schemes in IUM.

The nature, type and extent of support

The support provided by this scheme includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Grants and funding for staff with original, impactful and innovative research proposals
  • Support for post graduate students who propose innovative and creative research thesis
  • Funding for staff and postgraduate students to present papers in international and local conferences
  • Funds and grants for students and staff who proposes innovative ideas that is beneficial to community.

The funding is provided for direct cost of the research, including research assistance, travel expenses, technical, professional and secretarial assistance, equipment and so on.

The funds are limited and once the funds allocated for the scheme for the academic year is exhausted, no further funds will be available even if there are meritorious proposals. The range for funding allocated individual schemes are mentioned therein so applicants must develop their proposed budget with the figures quoted in mind. However, in exceptional circumstances where high quality research proposal believed to have enormous benefits to community and researchers involved and is innovative may be considered for funding with amounts exceeding the maximum quoted.

In giving these funds, preference will be given to those who have not received funds previously. In order to ensure fairness and transparency in allocation of grants and funds, a committee by the name “IUM Research and Funding Committee” (UGFC) shall be set up.