Staff Directory

Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed Chancellor 3022112
Ali Rasheed Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance) 3022112
Hawwa Latheef Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) 3022112
Dr. Mariyam Shahuneeza Naseer Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation) 3022112
Mohamed Faiz Director 3022114
Aishath Maaheen Riyaz Administrative Officer 3022111
Aishath Sara Senior Administrative Officer 3022112
Hassan Irufan Administrative Officer 3022113
Mariyam Aamira Receptionist 3022100
Azza Abdulla Saeed Receptionist 3022100
Nizna Ibrahim Receptionist 3022100
Ahmed Rauf Abdullah Registrar 3022125
Khadeejath Aman Ibrahim Deputy Registrar 3022125
Hawwa Hana Administrative Officer
Nizama Nizaar Administrative Officer 3022124
Raufa Abdul Azeez Senior Administrative Officer 3022123
Azheen Waheed System Administrator (Head of IT) 3022129
Mohamed Ameen Assistant System Administrator 3022126
Ahmed Jinan IT Technician 3022128
Mohamed Adham IT Technician 3022127
Vacant Director
Shahudha Abdullah Administrative Officer 3022118
Mariyam Shahuzadha Administrative Officer 3022119
Hawwa Suzana Sameer Administrative Officer 3022120
Aishath Maha Administrative Officer 3022115
Ibrahim Sameer Director 3022116
Manal Hussain Administrative Officer 3022116
Ali Fahumy Senior Administrative Officer 3022117
Fathimath Nashath Chief Librarian 3022131
Aishath Yashfa Senior Librarian 3022131
Aishath Musliha Adam Librarian 3022132
Sawad Adam Assistant Librarian 3022132
Ibrahim Adil Assistant Campus manager 3022129
Mifthah Ahmed Assistant Campus manager 3022128
Mariyam Mohamed Campus Assistant 3022121
Seema Abdulla Campus Assistant 3022121
Moomina Mohamed Campus Assistant 3022121
Moosa Mahir Electrician 3022121
Abdul Azeez Hussain Dean 3022132
Hana Jaufar Administrative Officer 3022133
Samiya Zakariyya Lecturer 3022133
Ibrahim Ali Lecturer 3022133
Mohamed Waheed Associate Lecturer 3022133
Ibrahim Shifau Associate Lecturer 3022133
Abdul Wahid Abdulla Associate Lecturer 3022133
Mohamed Thaufeeq Ali Associate Lecturer 3022133
Mohamed Shujau Abdul Hakeem Dean 3022135
Hawwa Shuhaidha Administrative Officer 3022136
Haleemath Sameela Administrative Officer 3022136
Dr. Abdelhamid Ghanem Senior Lecturer 3022136
Hassan M.A Alkordi Lecturer 3022136
Ali Ibrahim Didi Lecturer 3022136
Ahmed Shaaz Lecturer 3022136
Abdul Jaleel Hussain Lecturer 3022136
Faathimath Rasheeda Associate Lecturer 3022136
Yayah Jalloh Lecturer 3022136
Ikram Abdul Sattar Lecturer 3022136
Dr. Elsayed Elshahhat Lecturer 3022136
Ahmed Saleem Hussain Dean 3022138
Aiminath Irasha Administrative Officer 3022139
Aminath Afiya Abdul Hakeem Lecturer 3022139
Ahmed Nizar Sodiq Associate Lecturer 3022139
Fareeda Mohamed Associate Lecturer 3022139
Ismail Rasheed Associate Lecturer 3022139
Aroosha Mahir Associate Lecturer 3022139
Dr. Aishath Reesha Dean 3022141
Aishath Suma Administrative Officer 3022142
Mariyam Nashwa Administrative Officer 3022142
Agisa Ali Lecturer 3022142
Visama Hassan Lecturer 3022142
Adam Fayaz Associate Lecturer 3022142
Khaulath Saeed Associate Lecturer 3022142
Ishaq Mohamed Fulhu Dean 3022144
Mahmoud Mohamed Lecturer 3022145
Azveen Mohamed Administrative Officer 3022146
Dr. Dheeba Moosa Dean 3022150
Aminath Sabahath Hussain Administrative Officer 3022151
Dr. Ibrahim Zakariyya Moosa Dean 3022155
Hassan Waheed Administrative Officer 3022155
Nasrulla Ahmed Dean 3022156
Mohamed Uwais Amin Head of Center 3022157
Badhoora Yahya Administrative Officer 3022158
Adam Naseer Ibrahim Associate Lecturer 3022158
Mohamed Zahir Associate Lecturer 3022158
Mohamed Shaheen Dean 3022147
Saffa Ibrahim Administrative Officer 3022148
Mohamed Shinan Muneer Associate Lecturer 3022148
Mohamed Naeem Ahmed Fikry Associate Lecturer 3022148
Ibrahim Zuhair Associate Lecturer 3022148
Ahmed Alaa Associate Lecturer 3022148
Vacant Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Specialist 3022152