Student Affairs


Student affairs of the Maldives Islamic University is committed to achieve its goals in align with the mission and objectives of the university. The common thread that run throughout the student affairs is a commitment to enable students to participate in an engaging, healthy and active learning environment during their time at IUM.

Besides Consisting of varieties of responsibilities, the student affairs handles issues such as new students’ registration, introducing new and current academic programs and advertising the university to the student community at large.
The student affairs fosters students’ intellectual, personal and professional growth, and prepare them for success on campus and beyond graduation and strive to create safe, diverse, and stimulating environments responsive to student needs. The portfolio of the student affairs promotes the physical, emotional and relational well-being of IUM students.

The overall responsibilities of the student affairs lie with the registrar of the university.


The mission of IUM Student Affairs is twofold:

1) To complement and support the University’s academic mission as a center of academic, teaching, and research; and
2) To enhance the quality of life for students — both in and out of the classroom.

Therefore, the student affairs of IUM aims at:-

• Guiding students through life at IUM
• Helping resolve their problems
• Providing assistance during emergencies
• Supporting their health and safety and spiritual wellbeing
• Enhancing their learning
• Involving them in meaningful activities.


Promotes awareness and involvement for our students and provides support for them whenever they need it.
Students’ affairs helps students and alumni towards achieving their academic and professional goals in align with the objectives of the university and provides efficient services to the university students’ community.


1- To make the university as one of the best higher education provider for those who are seeking higher education.
2- To provide the best learning environment and soothing atmosphere for our alumni and students’ population.
3- To enhance the intellectual and academic skills of our students through introducing co-curricular and extracurricular activities and create awareness about the anti-Islamic ideologies spreading in the society.