The council members of IUM, staff of IUM, academic board members and students conveys condolences to the family of former Islamic minister Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari

May 24, 2018

It is with great sadness to have learnt that famous scholar of Maldives, the former Minister of Islamic Affairs, the former President of the Islamic Fiqh Academy, the senior lecturer of Maldives National University, Brother Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari ( May Allah have mercy on Him) passed away,surely to Allah we belong and to Him is the return.

Dr. Majeed (may Allah have mercy on him) has rendered unforgettable services in social and intellectual fields. He shall forever be remembered for his extensive services in the promotion and growth of religion and promoting islamic education in the Maldives.
The passing away of Dr. Majeed (may Allah have mercy on him) is an irreparable loss for the entire Muslim world and specifically for the followers of knowledge.

In this time of great grief of to the passing away of Dr. Majeed, the Council Members of IUM, staff of IUM, Academic Board Members and students extends their condolences and shares in the loss with his esteemed family as well as the management, teachers and students of the Maldives National University.

May Allah (SWT) grant him the highest of jannatul Firodous. Aameen