The first session of the TABOO with the opening ceremony was held

May 12, 2018

The first session of the TABOO with the opening ceremony was held today at 9:30am at Islamic University Hall. The major topic chosen for the first session of the TABOO is “Depression” in collaboration with WHO, SHE and media partner PSM.
Minister of Gender and Family, Hon. Aminath Zenysha Shaheed Zaki participated in the inauguration ceremony of the TABOO as the Chief Guest.
This project is an idea that has emerged from a series of dialogues carried out with a youth. The dialogue unveiled sensitive issues related to millennials in the Maldivian society today. The theme chosen for the project is “TABOO” meaning something that is prohibited or restricted by the social custom. Hence, the topics chosen for the project contains issues of millennial’s that are not commonly and openly discussed in the society at large. This project aims to provide a platform to discuss these burning issues and help the youth to find solutions to their problems in a friendly atmosphere.
The main objective and purpose of this project is to enable critical and constructive discussions on sensitive issues today’s youth struggle with from a contemporary, scientific and Islamic perspectives. It also aims to contribute to the Corporate Social Responsibility of IUM. More Specifically this project will provide an avenue for the youth to reach out and share opinions, views and convictions in a non-judgmental environment; provide guidance to help them understand their problems and to enable them to deal with sensitive issues related to them; and provide opportunity to clarify sensitive issues in a friendly atmosphere that are previously hushed by the society.
Furthermore, sensitive topics other than Depression such as Drugs, Adultery, Pornography, Homosexuality, Atheism, suicide, Religion Peace and Tolerance, will be discussed in the upcoming sessions of TABOO.
The program will be held once in every 2 months.