A Remark from Controller of Examinations

Assalaam Alaikum.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the Exam Department of Islamic University of Maldives. The Exam Department is a recent addition to the University’s official structure and is a testament to the progress happening at IUM to thrive as a leading university. 

The formation of a segregated Exam Department has many merits including developing standards to effectively assess the students and enhance the potential to develop quality graduates. In fact, Exam Department remains one of the central pillars of any University to nurture integrity towards the university and enhance the potential for students. It is with this premise that Exam Department IUM is endeavouring and our priority is to develop rigour, standards, trust and recognition in the domain. 

In the evolving landscape in academia all around the world, many opportunities remain to abound to promote quality assessment. It is our goal to promote technology and modern assessment methods to facilitate quality assessments and assessments for diverse students needs. 

In addition, Exam Department success is also contingent on the effective contribution of academics, committees instituted within the University’s governance, IUM’s leadership and the multitude of external stakeholders it engages with. Our aim is to meaningfully navigate our formal interactions with these parties and navigate towards successful outcomes. 

The Exam Department remain resolute to being an effective contributor to IUM’s success. We hope to become a centre of excellence in assessment and an emblem of hope for intellectual curiosity.


Dr. Aishath Waheeda
Controller of Examination and Evaluation



Ali Rifau


Shazeela Ahmed

Administrative Officer