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A National Survey on Perception towards Radicalisation, Extremism and Terrorism among Students of Higher Secondary Schools and Higher Education Institutions in the Maldives

Dr Anthony Baker, Dr Dheeba Moosa, Dr Aishath Reesha, Dr Fathimath Muna, Visama Hassan, Hamid Ali


Level of perceived well-being among Maldivians during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Aishath Nasheeda, Dr. Dheeba Moosa, Dr. Visal Moosa, Khaulath Saeed and Visama Hassan


The findings indicate that participants in this study had:

An average level of stress during the pandemic (M = 2.93, SD = 0.03).

The mental wellbeing results revealed average scores in the three domains:

emotional wellbeing 4.33 (SD = 0.05),

social wellbeing 3.81 (SD = 0.05), and

psychological wellbeing 4.60 (SD = 0.04).

Females in the sample reported a higher level of stress and a low score on the mental wellbeing scale.

A similar pattern of findings was observed for marital status; those who were single reported higher levels of stress and low levels of mental wellbeing than those who were married or divorced/widowed.

Those who were unemployed and those who feared receiving medical assistance reported higher levels of stress while scoring low on mental wellbeing.

The average stress and wellbeing scores indicated that Maldivians were not impacted by the pandemic compared with individuals from other parts of the world.

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