Islamic University of Maldives (IUM) is at a very earlier stage, counting its second year. IUM Library is equipped with new and improved facilities; a contemporary 50-seat space for students to study  and a brand new Research grid, aimed to deliver an improvised learning experience for PhD and Master Degree Level students. Most of the lecturers and students describe our library as a very cozy and comfortable place.

Our Services

Since IUM is at a very early stage, the services currently we provide are internet service, online library services, circulation and research services. Research cabins are aimed for facilitating a good environment for PhD and Master Degree students in carrying out their research studies. Online library services is available for all library users as additional enrichment for their studies. Library Management System, KOHA Integrated Library System is being established to manage library collection, circulation and to facilitate Online Public Access Catalogue for the users.

Our Collection

Our collection caters for all subjects mainly on Islam, Education, Language and literature, Law, Social Science, etc. in English, Dhivehi and Arabic. Special collection of books and journals on Islamic Finance, Islamic Research, Islamic Shari’ah and law. Library has a mass collection of Arabic books ranging from Hadith, Tafsir, Aqidah, Fiqh & Fatwas to Islamic history, Language and Literature. Dhivehi collection has journals such as Dharuma, Faiythoora, Dhi Islam, Furadhaana, Liyuntheriya, etc. Library collection would be further developed with the purpose of supporting university’s curriculum and meeting the needs of the users.

Our Vision

  • Build online resources facilities
  • Establish private study areas
  • Establish inter-library loan facilities
  • Produce digital and archive collection
  • Expand library services to atoll campuses
  • Establish Language Learning hub with Audio Visual facilities

Vision of IUMSU

“To cater our best to the students to gain their trust and Respect for the university, for the present and for the Future.”